A Woman Rebelling Against Tragedy, Founder Karen Millsap

“You can either give up… or you can get up.”

Three years ago Karen Millsap’s husband was murdered, in broad daylight in the cross-fit gym they owned. In our  conversation she shares her story of turning tragedy into an opportunity to serve and how she started the  Grief consultant. Karen walks us through the day she went from happily married to a widow and single mother. She describes her personal journey of grief and the path which led her to start her business.  With tears in her eyes and loss in her voice, Karen shared the rawest moments of her life and in doing so inspires us all to embrace the preciousness of life and claw our way through the darkest moments of grief.

This is a story for anyone whose ever lost something they didn’t think they could live without, for people who have navigated tragedy and for anyone looking for hope and inspiration.

Karen’s story reminds me of Victor Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search For Meaning.  It reminds me of the truth, as powerful as I sometimes feel, I’m not in control. And still, all of us are free to choose- free to choose how we will respond, who we will be and what we will believe- in our toughest moments.  And this, well this is the truest, sweetest freedom of all.

Man's Search for meaning book recommended by Dear Rockstar

My hope is if tragedy or loss has befallen you or those you love, you are surrounded by community and people who can help you rise up on wings of grace and heal. Dear Rockstar, life is full of tragic moments and in light of it might we embrace fully this gift, this healthy moment we have to live our truest potential and honor our Creator?



Woman turns tragedy into passion and starts a business
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