You Were Born To Rock Lives!

Dear Rockstar is a channel of inspiring stories of starters, makers, creators, change agents and entrepreneurs-just like you. Stories and conversations with individuals designing lives of purpose, passion and profit.

Our vision is to inspire and resource 100M people, people who look like you and I and our neighbors to start and grow businesses. We are committed to demystifying the entrepreneurial path, lifestyle and to creating a community of diverse entrepreneurs who are committed to giving and taking in an effort to accelerate each other’s visions.

It’s a community. A community committed to free enterprise. A group of people who believe every barrier that keeps someone from growing into their God given purpose needs to be removed. A community that passionately believes we are here to be creators, makers, leaders and that begins with our own individual lives, paths and dreams. A band, a tribe committed to helping each person realize their highest goal- and biggest dream.

Free enterprise. Freedom. Creativity. Inclusiveness. Diversity. Inspiration. Designing Lives We Love….And World Change…that’s what we are about-want to join us?

Hit me up, I’d love to collaborate with you to inspire and transform lives.



Pam Hoelzle, Founder Dear Rockstar