Dylan Grace is an artist, a custom knife maker. Watch as he explains how $300 launched his startup and grew it from zero to a 3-month back log in 90 days.

A month and half into his startup, Dylan sold $5,000 dollars of knives in 24 hours. Less than a year later DGBLADECO is experiencing explosive growth and has Dylan shaking his head at the grace bestowed on him.

A confirmed MacGyver fan and outdoorsman, Dylan began collecting knifes at the ripe age of 8. But blade smithing was not his first gig. Dylan’s startup career initially consisted of ministry driven startups.

You read correctly.

This knife making, every day carry enthusiast moonlights as a pastor. Of course he does.

artist & hand made, custom knife maker

Non-profit ,church work occupied most of Dylan’s work hours until the day he decided he needed to be bi-vocational, more like the people he served, and began searching for a business to start.  It wasn’t long before he was combining his love of knives with his passion for design and photography.

It was his success at flipping a vintage camera for $300 that provided the startup capital Dylan needed to make his first three custom knifes knives.

In this episode we dive into the life of an artist turned entrepreneur who has a heart for building community and blasting the world with love.

A confirmed capitalist, this custom knife maker will encourage you to use   capitalism for good and invest your life in making beauty.


artist & hand made, custom knife maker
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Artist & Hand Made, Custom Knife Maker