Attack The Root of Poverty-Not the Symptoms

“It’s time to attack the root of poverty, not the symptoms”

Tim Mckinney  refuses to look the other way and watch his neighbors go without basic services such as transportation, water, safety, and education-so he started United Global Outreach to attack the root of poverty and create a model for transforming marginalized neighborhoods and towns.

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I admire Tim’s ability to build relationships and his ability to withstand the challenges of growing a social business.   A true servant leader Tim shares credit where credit is due. Florida Hospital, UCF Volunteers, Engineer’s without borders, Congressman John Mica are just a few of United Global Outreach’s strategic partners.

This conversation  left me wondering about myself. Tim argued that it’s a lack of integrity for any citizen to allow for the vulnerable within their towns and cities to go without basic services. Tim reminds us, all darkness needs is for us to allow it to grow. Love is the solution, it’s the answer to eradicating poverty through real, substantial changes. And a commitment to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

What would you like to change? How might you build impact into your venture and change what is wrong in this world- Dear Rockstar?




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