“I knew if I took the job….I’d regret it, I’d regret not going after my dream.”

Kristen Wiley, a young entrepreneur bootstrapped her business, Statusphere, an online platform to connect micro influencers to brands for $2K.

Leveraging her experience growing her personal blog, Calling Shenanigans to monthly views of 30K and creating  influencer posts for brands, one of which recorded 80,000 repins on Pinterest. She’s rocking startup within a few years of graduating from college.

Kristen identified an opportunity in the social media industry while working on her blog, at a local marketing agency and creating posts for brands who hired her to create social media content as an influencer.

She wondered, “Why was it so difficult to connect influencers to brands? And why, why wasn’t there a subscription box for influencers?”

Armed with countless hours of social media marketing for other people’s brands and companies she focused on the niche that no one seemed to see.

Statusphere is an exclusive community of influencers that receive a monthly box of high-end products in exchange for sharing photos and/or videos of these products with their social following. The company handles all the correspondence, management, shipping, and verification that the posts go out on time.

Turns out micro-influencers, social media influencers with 5-25K followers  are more likely to be trusted by followers and when their engagement is off the charts- make much better brand/product influencers.

So many inspiring moments in this conversation as this young lady is quite a social media maven and she shares lots of hacks and to do’s with us. But it was this comment and the conversation which ensued that has lingered with me, perhaps even changed me.

“I knew if I took the job….I’d regret it, I’d regret not going after my dream.”

Time is precious.

Will you regret the things you are saying no to now, missing?

Will you regret the investments of time you are making with your one precious life?

Only you can answer that #dearrockstar.

But if it helps- Kristen Wiley’s episode will expose you to a bootstrapped business and a way to view your time thru the eyes of regret. ..


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