She Built A $60M Dollar Company


Shari Dingle Costantini describes herself as a sickly child. Her childhood  hospital experiences and relationships with doctors and nurses fueled her dream to one day become a doctor or nurse.

Learn how this nurse took a leap of faith and started her own company, raised over $10M in capital and turned her dream into Avant Healthcare a $60 million dollar international health care company.

She Built A $60M Dollar Company

It’s always interesting to learn the backstory of an entrepreneur and see the catalyst for their WHY. Shari’s story reminds us every experience, not just the good ones offer us opportunities to discover ways to serve, contribute, impact others lives. The good, bad and ugly- all of it #dearockstar can inspire you and fuel your journey to your highest self-to your biggest dream and most impactful life.

I love Shari’s passion for mission, values and alignment – the culture of her company. Sometimes we get so excited about our WHAT we forget that our WHY is what attracts people to us and the foundation to our value proposition in the marketplace.

Who are you being? What is your mission? What are the values, do you and your team embody them on good and bad days?

Shari is a  servant leader, with a heart of gold and a brilliant mind for health care and business. Don’t miss learning from this female entrepreneur Dear ROCKSTAR.

Watch as she shares, how she raised capital, her thoughts on being a single mompreneur, books that impacted her, the foundation of her success, how she manages her energy and so much more.

Shari Dingle Costantini. Health care innovator. Servant Leader. Female Entrepreneur.

After Shari’s recommendation, I read the Power of Full Engagement, the book  she credits for transforming her energy management. I’m re-reading the book for the second time and I’ve been gifting this book right and left to clients and friends, it’s the real deal!!!

One favor before you go…who do you know that would love Shari’s story? Go ahead, share it with a friend today. And thanks ahead of time for helping us share the good and elevate stories to fuel people everywhere turning their dreams into reality and starting something. And if you know of someone responsible for teaching entrepreneurship or improving economic opportunities for all through startup and entrepreneurship head on over to   How To Start Something and send us a note.

Entrepreneurship is the new math and everyone, everyone deserves to have their own practice so they can rock the new global economy!


She Built A $60M Dollar Company
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