“Sometimes you have to just figure out your goal and that forces the creativity, that creative problem solving to make it happen. There’s almost always a way to make it happen…but sometimes you need enough pressure.”   Nathan Seta


Sitting down with Nathan Seta, the founder of cause catering, coffee house, commissary kitchen- DUO58 non-profit, reminded me of why I am in the business of Dear Rockstar. Speaking with him got to the heart of what I hear daily from young people I coach, they want to do something bigger than themselves and create something that does good in the world. And while this desire is enough, it often leads them to a moment of fear and questioning, “What’s next?”

Nathan Seta wasn’t a business man, he didn’t know what a commissary kitchen was, and yet today he’s in the business of owning a cause based commissary kitchen, catering company and coffee house. His social venture served up a whole plateful of challenges that made him tap into his creative core and problem solve.

Cause Catering & Coffee Business Gives Back To Kids In Haiti

Nathan had a vision to make impact and designed DUO58 non-profit from day one to give back and make a difference on a global scale. And while things rarely turn out as the initial idea suggests, his desire to make a global impact has also brought Nathan into the realm of local community building and service as well.

DUO 58 is “cause catering, catering with a cause” they partner with Mission of Hope in Haiti to provide one day of education and one meal for a child in Haiti for every meal purchased through DOU58 catering services. DUO58  operates out of and oversees the Central Florida Commissary kitchen, one of the largest of it’s kind in central Florida. It is a duo of international and local, of service and direct commerce, of vision and hard work that doesn’t settle for the easy route.

Catering that gives back to educate and feed kids in Haiti

Regardless of your spiritual background it takes faith and belief to create something that does not currently exist in the world. This is the undercurrent spiritual element of value creation, of creating impact and growing ventures that are sustainable and or profitable.

Don’t miss this winding tale of the route of a social entrepreneur who uses cause catering to impact with a heart of service and in a sustainable manner. And while you are at it take a minute and consider ordering your next catering from DUO58 to help kids in Haiti or giving directly to Nathan and or Mission For Hope.

This episode will remind you- you can design impact into your venture. It will re-awaken your heart, mind and will to the truth- when you show up to listen all sorts of challenges and problems will avail themselves for you to solve, beautify and fix. And yes, everyone can make a difference. Start. Start today.



Duo58 Cause Catering & Coffee Gives Back To Kids In Haiti Through Mission of Hope

We asked Nathan to share his favorite book, Keep Your Love On. And of course he did…

Social Entrepreneur launches cause catering and is inspired by Keep Your Love On Book
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Cause Catering & Coffee To Educate And Feed Kids In Haiti