“I stumbled upon sustainability.” 

Chris Castro is the founder of Ideas For Us an international organization that scaled to 24 countries from it’s humble start as a ‘college project.’ A second generation Cuban- American Chris was raised on the farm his family purchased when they arrived and raised by his mentor, role model- his single mom.

Chris’ passion for all things sustainability was formed early, he spent his formative years working outside, exploring the outdoors,  surfing and developing a love of nature.

I scaled a sustainability project to 24 countries

During our conversation Chris debunks the myth of sustainability and walks us through his formative years, up to event which forever changed his life. Along the way we discuss his definition of success, spiritual practices, books, the people who inspire him and what in the sustainability movement, currently excites him.

I myself have often times felt overwhelmed when the word ‘sustainability’ is at the center of the conversation. Just how, I have wondered does one get their head, let alone their life and being around sustainability?  After listening to Chris I have a new understanding and a new desire to design a life of sustainable aligned choices. And to bring social inclusion and environmental impact into everyone of my business, venture success conversations.  to Chris I’m going to dive deeper into making the word sustainable and sustainability my words,

Dear Rockstar is your life sustainable? Does it feel in sync with who you are, what you value and does it allow you to invest in what is meaningful, purposeful and profitable for you at this season of life? And what about your venture are you architecting a venture that enhances the environment, includes otherwise marginalized populations and is it financially sustainable?Wow. My mind is whirling with possibilities…



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College Student Scales “Sustainability Project” To 24 Countries