Mike Felix is a straight talking consultant with experience in the corporate world now growing his entrepreneurship impact with business and marketing consulting. We discuss his path from department of defense to corporate world to self employment to entrepreneur.

Mike is the founder of SFG “Straight From the Gut” digital consulting, a team that got their name from their direct and challenging mentorship with clients.

But Mike wasn’t always a straight talker, and in fact he spent a number of years struggling to slow down his vernacular and correct a severe stutter he had during his late years of high school and early years of college.

This conversation is rich in advice for starters who are struggling to see the whole picture, who are caught in the box of business administration rather than the evolving circuit which is entrepreneurialism. “We’re so conditioned to put ourselves in this box. I think the myth is that people think it’s more difficult than it really is.”

corporate consultant morphs Entrepreneur

Mike reminds us that focusing on limitation creates limitation and dwelling in abundance allows us to experience abundance.

A moment I personally love is when he explains his WHY in terms of  his son and how his business is something he can and will pass onto his son.

Learn more from this insightful, innovative, passionate black founder and check out his most recent business launch, Five Days that Pays,  an online product to assist with holistic marketing and create the story and voice behind your online business


corporate consultant morphs entrepreneur mike and pam on set at Dear Rockstar
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Corporate Consultant Morphs Entrepreneur