“What would you do if fear wasn’t standing in the way?”


Jordan Stroman rolled into my life 5 years ago and ever since her life and  questions have served as an alarm clock for me.

It’s one thing to be inspiring and encouraging when things are going well, quite another to be the bearer of hope and encouragement all the while  being the young woman who became wheel chair bound at the age of 12 and breathing apparatus dependent at 20.

There are days I don't know how to do this

Jordan Stroman is the 26-year-old,  non-profit co-founder of Live Alive, she’s also a writer who lives every day with a progressive disease which acts much like muscular dystrophy but isn’t.

It was on a trip to San Diego to attend the Storyline conference with a group of her friends Jordan and her friend Chris Didonna were inspired to launch Live Alive. Having overcome the fear of traveling with severe disabilities she wanted to encourage others to identify their fears and BECAUSE THEY WERE ALIVE, Live alive.

About three years ago I was at the preview of the Live Alive film at the end of the evening Jordan asked, “What would you do if fear wasn’t standing in the way?” I knew the answer immediately…I’d always dreamed of writing a book of traveling international as a trainer, speaker.

There Are Days I Don't Know How To Do This

Three years later I’ve finished two books and next week I’ll fly to Cali Colombia to speak, train and work with entrepreneurial leaders, professors and international founders/startups.

So, can I ask you to stop what you are doing for one minute. Can I ask you take a deep breath? To exhale longer than you inhale and to reflect on this life changing question,”What would you do if fear wasn’t standing in the way?”

No matter what you’ve done, where you’ve been, you are a precious miracle, and born, here on this planet, at this exact moment to bring your gifts and talents to a world starved for what only you can provide, create, be.

And then reach out to Jordan @jordeybug on instagram. Find her on Facebook Jordan Stroman And stop by her blog and let her know how much she inspires you. And share her story, a story the world desperately needs to hear – today.

And thank you, The Gallery At Mills Park and the Art Gallery At Mills Park for the beautiful location for this episode.

There are days I don't know how to do this

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There Are Days I Don’t Know How To Do This…