Jonathan Wachob and Brandon Carpenter agree,

“entrepreneurship is like getting punched in the face and yelled at everyday and then getting back up the next day to do it again.


Entrepreneurship truth serum from  two young, serial entrepreneurs with serious science chops, so serious matter fact that Brandon earned Forbes’ Thirty Under Thirty, designation this year…

entrepreneurship is like getting punched in the face

Friends from middle-school, Brandon and Jonathan are no one-trick- ponies, these seasoned co-founders have been busy.

They’ve launched an app, entered NASA competitions, raised capital for a non-mechanical cooling system, won the Florida Venture Competition in 2016, earned a Y-Combinator Fellowship and ‘accidentally’ invented a breakthrough nano-technology and launched Feynman Nano Technology, a contract  manufacturer of nano-structures-together.

Entrepreneurship is like getting punched in the face...

A fourth degree blackbelt, Jonathan credits his 15-year martial arts practice for equipping him for the startup grind and for learning what falling down, failing really means…

“Failure isn’t no, its practice harder.”

In this episode Brandon and Jonathan share their fumbles, pivots, learnings and launches.

We get into the weeds on learning, what it feels to get punched in the face every day-and keep coming back for more, raising capital, common startup mistakes, time frames and why investors and mentors should relax about them, martial arts, faith, scaling a business and the grind of science based,  technology dependent startups.

Real, raw wisdom from a couple of geeks that are certain to change the world….


entrepreneurship is like getting punched in the face
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Entrepreneurship Is Like Getting Punched In The Face