Faith The Foundation of My Life, Vernice Bradley Founder Votum Construction

Vernice Bradley is the Co-Founder of Votum Enterprises, a construction company based in Orlando Florida.

Vernice is an inspiring, black female entrepreneur whose succeeded in corporate America, earned her law degree and is the co-founder of Votum, which competes in the male dominated construction industry.

Black female founder says her race and her faith are competitive advantages in the construction industry

In our conversation Vernice share’s how she was led to start her company.  As a volunteer mentor at a local juvenile detention center, Vernice asked the second time offenders,”What are you guys doing back in here?” 

Heart open, she listened as the young men shared stories of not being able to find jobs and ending up  returning to a life of crime, to support themselves and their families.

On her way home from the Juvenile Detention Center, Vernice recall’s a calling, a spiritual calling- to create jobs for these young men. Vernice believe’s God was calling her, yes her- a woman who had already failed at several businesses- to leave her six-digit job and begin creating jobs for others.

This episode is overflowing with power, faith and endurance. Vernice Bradley is a force to be reckoned with.

Have you ever felt called, spiritually directed, guided to move out beyond your comfort zone- to be the answer to problems around you?

Step out, stay tuned in, synced up and never forget, Dear Rockstar you were born to ignite this world with value, to be a solutionist, to bring healing, solutions and value



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