Elaine Larsen is a 2-time world champion Jet dragster driver.  She’s a woman who has caught ‘on fire’ three times, raced at death defying speeds and found her purpose after crashing into a wall at 280 mph.

Elaine’s racing story starts with a boy, a boy she met when she was 16, a boy who 30 years later is  both her husband and business partner.

Female Jet Dragster goes full throttle in her car, Elaine Larsen

Growing up a Mennonite did not put Elaine on the jet dragster track but fate had other plans in mind. It was after her husband took her to the races that his love for aviation, jets and electrical re-purposing mixed with her fascination for racing.

Elaine shares the story of her journey from working for 4 dollars an hour with a mom and pop, race car startup on the side to founding a full fledged racing company that finances building innovative jet dragsters and the Larsen Motorsports team.

female jet dragster elaine larsen in her car

It’s not often we have someone with the guts to move at 5 g’s on our show and we are thrilled to present this rockin’ woman’s story of going bigger, faster and safer in the face of nearly losing it all.

And dare anyone try to put  Elaine in a box, she’s also the producer and founder Blaze the comic. A story of Haley Sparks, (aka Blaze), her jet dragster team and their STEM adventures.

This episode will make your heart beat faster and it will leave you dreaming BIGGER than before.

Jet fuel for creators, makers, dreamers and entrepreneurs.

Full Throttle and Light That Burner, Baby!!!!


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