Female Veteran Scales Inc. 5000 Company


“My feeling was women would be equal when they could be average.You couldn’t afford to be average and get ahead during my time in the Navy. You had to be exceptional, so I worked harder. I worked longer and I had harder projects…

Barbara Stankowski, the president and CEO of Amtis Inc. sat down with me to walk through her journey from military brat to running a $19 m dollar company which just happens to also be number 1331 in this year’s INC 5000. With a lifetime of boundary breaking experiences beneath her belt, Barbara is an inspiration to any innovator whose had to reinvent the roles that were designated to them.

A woman who has successfully worked, led and succeeded in a man’s world, a veteran of the US Navy with 28 years of distinguished service, a starter, a passionate creator and facilitator with a heart for leadership, Barbara has all the qualities we thrive on at Dear Rockstar.

In this episode Barbara talks of succeeding in an environment that discounted her, the key’s to scaling your company, the importance of accountability and transparency in leadership and before the conclusion of our time together asserts, “If you don’t love it, it’s not going to work, you need to love, love what you do.”

Dear Rockstar you are a leader and you have all the elements necessary to grow your vision and serve others – here’s to igniting the greatness in you and diving deep into relationships.



Female vet scales inc 5000 company
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