Founder of Florida Hospital Innovation Lab On Creativity Myths

People care about what they help create, and they are responsible when they care…”

My conversation with  Karen Tilstra Co-Founder of the Florida Hospital Innovation Lab is a organized as a series of individual video clips. If you would like to listen to the entire conversation we captured it all on audio. Click to listen below

A friend and mentor, Karen is a recognized leader in creativity and innovation whose impact is being felt internationally.

In our time together we rewind back to her days as an educational psychologist and how she uncovered the two most important questions of life; Who Am I and What Is My Work? Karen advises leaders and parents to move beyond the myths surrounding leadership and creativity to unleash the potential in their teams and families.

In addition to how to be more creative and discover the work you were born for Karen advises us on fast, rough prototyping.

The key to creating true value, Karen reminds us is feedback. Prototyping and MVP ( Minimual viable product) are designed to get faster feedback, sooner. As soon as you complete your empathy channels, customer discovery it’s critical to develop a non-functional, prototype to get in front of your clients. Feedback. Feedback that’s the goal of a prototype, Karen reminds us. It’s essential we don’t make our prototypes too pretty, Karen urges. The rougher the prototype,  the better early on.

I attended a workshop Karen led on Theory U. And well, it changed me. I’ve now integrated Theory U into my creativity and entrepreneurship practice. This is a must read for innovative change makers. And one of the key mantra’s out of Theory U, is embodied in this poster which hangs in the Florida Hospital Innovation Lab.

Karen Tilstra book Recommendation Dear Rockstar, Innovation and Creativity

This episode is designed to inspire you to your highest creative potential. Designed to help you break through the myths standing between you and your potential.

You were born to bring value to others- Dear Rockstar.

Create. Dream. Collaborate. Prototype. And press into to the questions, Who Am I and Why Am I Here?



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