Lindsay Brim knows why she’s here and what she’s meant to do. This once entrepreneur skeptic shares how she followed her heart and co-founded Crossroads Corral, an equine therapy non-profit to provide an alternative to tradition sit & talk therapy-with Julie Hester.

Lindsay got her first pony at the age of 9, riding lessons, 4-H and competing grew her self confidence.  “I was out there pushing around a 1200 pound horse, I learned to be assertive at a young age, in a good way.”

Follow Your Heart

Horses aren’t Lindsay’s only love, there’s this guy, who started out her boyfriend and is now her husband who stole her heart at an early age. “I wanted to get married, after college Dave was getting great job offers but that wasn’t his dream, or his goal. It took me a  bit to come around… “

Follow Your Heart

Lindsay laughs at the audacity of her journey from security seeking fiancee, to follow your heart, start your own venture, do what you were born to do, entrepreneur. She credits David for his patience and support in her journey.

Get out of your comfort zone. She reminds us. It’s where you grow. And keep your head up, keep moving forward. You were born for this moment Dear Rockstar. Take the first step toward turning your passion into your life today and with each step refuse to look back, because as Lindsey so aptly reminds us….you’re not going that way….

And while you’re at it, check out Crossroads Corral


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Follow Your Heart