To build beautiful things you need to be around positive and beautiful people …people who are beautiful on the inside.”

I started to identify every challenge I am faced with  in life, entrepreneurship as an opportunity to build my character.

I sat down for a conversation about global travel  with David Freund,  the founder of Globalized Citizen, a global travel company designed for college students looking for an international travel experience  ‘not by the guidebook’ but rather as backpackers, in community-with other college age travel partners.

David and Globalized Citizen have a mission, a mission to change the lives of young people by guiding them on adventures they’ve always dreamed of taking but didn’t think they could afford.

In our conversation David shares how he got started, the mistakes he’d made along the way and how he pivoted from running several businesses to his true sweet spot.

When you consider your life return on investment, Dear Rockstar are you happy with your return? If not it’s time to shake it up and press into where you can come fully alive. You were born to ignite this world and to experience life in your joy spot. Create. Make. Add Value. Start!



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