Help I Need To Get Focused & Make More Money


“Help, I Need To Focus & Make More Money,”

entrepreneur Jenniel Jacobs, founder of DaJen Eats a vegan creamery and restaurant told Pam.

Help I Need To Focus & Make More Money

Pam agreed to coach Jen on three conditions, they schedule one and only one coaching session to solve Jen’s issues,  record it live, share it to help other entrepreneurs and social change agents. Jen showed up at The Gallery At Mills Park at the allotted time.

Help I Need To Focus And Make Money

The camera crew was ready.

Help I Need To Focus & Make More Money

Pam went into what those who know her as her BEAST COACH MODE. On a mission to prove change can happen in a minute, Pam navigated Jen to multiple money making and personal clarity breakthroughs in less than 20 minutes.


Help I Need To Focus And Make Money

Too often, we believe change takes a long time.

Truthfully, it happens the minute clarity and action collide.  Unfortunately most of us don’t have someone to ask the tough questions and who like Pam refuses to stop until we are clear and have a model that not only rocks but makes our heart sing.

Dearrockstar you can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s answers. Notice. Truly notice what’s working and what’s not. And surround yourself with people who refuse to let you off the hook- who refuse to accept anything but your best life…which includes adding value to others and in return making money.

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Help I Need Focus & To Make More Money
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