He Raised $50Million & Took IZEA Public


Ted Murphy is the CEO and founder of IZEA, a publicly traded online marketplace that connects creatives, influencers with brands.IZEA is on track to net 30M in 2016 but Ted explains candidly in the episode how it took nearly 6 years to get out of the starting blocks.

Ted Murphy rings the bell as he takes IZEA PUBLIC

IZEA exists in an innovative market and was founded in a time before the AP or other large media outlets embraced sponsored content. Ted recounts being laughed out of the New York Times in the early hours of his venture and how it took perseverance balanced with reality to bring his dream into fruition.

Ted provides tested and true insight on the importance of generating sales and not being afraid to “kill your darlings” (Faulkner), or unsuccessful products or services.

An entrepreneur, Ted explains, will always be first and foremost a salesperson, and fearing that role, won’t make it disappear. He encourages innovators to put aside fear and ramp up their sales hustle to take their ventures to the next level, or find a partner who loves to sell.

Ted offers insight into the world of raising capital and how taking a company public doesn’t come easily, and is rarely ever standard. Over the course of his career he’s been involved in the creation of over 150M in revenue but knows that success is far deeper than the monetary sum.

Ted Murphy finisher, founder of IZEA raises 50M and takes IZEA public

Success at the cost of your soul is still at the cost of your soul and Ted describes how learning to manage and stabilize a healthy work and home life is crucial to finding true success.

He speaks vulnerably about how the heightened levels of stress once drove him to check himself into the hospital and then shares the practices of self care that have helped keep him healthy since then.

He is an entrepreneur from a family of entrepreneurs, an innovator, a CEO, a husband, a father, a caretaker, a creator, a sales person and an encourager.

Dear Rockstar, this episode is for anyone whose ever been so stressed out they thought they weren’t going to make it, anyone who want’s to take their company public, raise capital or find their way to redefine success on their own terms….

Ted murphpy, founder who took IZEA public in greece
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