Frustrated with life I said, let me quit thinking about what job I ought to do and think about about the person I want to become.”

“Your quality if life is tied more to who you are becoming than what you have.”

Ben Hoyer is the Executive Director of Social Enterprise Downtown Credo in Orlando, a pay as you wish coffee house which funds local outreach and engagement.

Social business founder asks us to think about who we are becoming not merely what we are doing

And further more, “A life you like” Ben reminds us “begins with steps so small they seem silly.” Which is a perfect summary of the steps Ben took to launch his social business. His first step was a Google search for answers to the question, ‘how to serve your community.” The results  led him to his next step, knocking on the door of a non-profit which led to him taking massive action. Which is the step that led to what is now known as Downtown Credo .

I get to decide. Who would I like to beWhat kind of a person would I like to be?” Ben explains during the conversation. I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of lives we might build, create if we each came to our day, asking ourselves who we want to be versus what we want to do or have. This episode was designed to make you consider the life you are designing not merely your venture, organization or business.

Social entrepreneur starts downtown credo coffee shop in orlando

Dear Rockstar might your life boil down to the quality of questions you ask yourself? Don’t miss Ben Hoyer and his deep dive on the art of becoming who we always hoped to be and living our very best lives. Lives of impact.



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