How I Started Maya Papaya Organic Farm

Maya Fiallos is the founder of Maya Papaya Organic Yoga Farm in Oviedo Florida.

The calling, or as she terms it “the assignment” to own an organic farm first whispered to her when she was 17. Fast forward 23 years and Maya finds herself the steward of  an organic farm and yoga center.

Maya’s  story includes multiple jobs, following of her intuition and a crystallization of a vision she’s now manifesting. In our time together Maya share’s her thoughts on an  ‘isness’,  the 5’c her venture is built on; commerce, community, conservation, culture and creativity, and describes her experience raising capital -as a woman in agriculture.

An organic farmer, Maya is nurtured by the plants she finds herself surrounded by and encourages all of us to find beauty in the sacrifice.

Starting something, your own business or non-profit means sacrificing things. It’s important to stay connected, Maya reminds, as your vision becomes reality, to what you love, the part of your idea, venture that feeds your soul. And do it all, do it all in love.

And just because it’s difficult… doesn’t mean it’s not working-in life and business we are called to do the meaningful- the important not merely the simple and easy.

Dear Rockstar press into the beauty in the sacrifice, to what’s most important in your one precious life and invest yourself, heart, mind and soul!



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