” Zupp is the biggest goal, I can imagineThere’s no bigger problem I could solve with my life, with my life experiences… I’m uniquely qualified to have a shot at solving this..”

Brent Henderson read Rich Dad Poor Dad and from there forward everything came up entrepreneur. The book combined with a horrible college internship- sealed the deal. Brent would be an entrepreneur, one way or another. During our conversation Brent shares how he started his first venture, Party Tutor and how his journey led him to star another company,   Zupp.

Brent is a friend and I’m so inspired by this young man’s commitment, work ethic and passion! Brent  works as hard as anyone I know and also shows up to give and contribute to his local startup community. Now that’s a Rockstar! I was especially inspired when he shared what he’s learning about self awareness and how important, self understanding is to the entrepreneurial journey.

What’s the biggest goal you can imagine committing your gifts, talent and passion to- Dear Rockstar?

Keep rocking that life of yours!



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