I Lived To… Start An Organic Pet Care Company, After Nearly Dying

Janel Young is the female founder of Nava Pets, an organic pet care company she started after surviving acute organ failure. Her story will change you. I met Janel at an event. I was instantly drawn to her presence. I sensed a strength, a rootedness and a personal power that wasn’t clamoring for attention or overpowering with answers.  I knew I was meant to share her story.

Organic pet care founder, Nava Pet products

Because our goal is an authentic conversation, I didn’t dig around her past so it came as quite a surprise during our conversation when she told me- she’d nearly died two times. This story will touch your heart, it did mine.

Pam Hoelzle and Janel Young sit down to chat about nearly dying and starting an organic pet care company

Janel’s story illustrates a common theme in starters and entrepreneurs lives. Often it’s the most difficult moments, trials, tribulations and tragedies which lead us to problems and or opportunities to fix,  seize and invest in solving.

This episode is a soulful conversation with a true survivor, a woman who cannot merely be summed up in a title or with a few quick adverbs. A woman whose story not only inspired me but transformed parts of me, the impatient parts of me in a way, I’m still trying to understand.

During the conversation Janel shares her  near death experience and the situation during her recovery which led to the launch of Nava Pets. Along the way she share’s her spiritual practices, how she tests her products, her take on toxic people and her biggest business challenges. This conversation is organic and fully certified soul food!

Dear Rockstar don’t waste another day looking over your shoulder, press in and design a life of contribution, creativity and love-today!



After nearly dying, women starts organic pet care company
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