I Want To Make Music Matter: Taylor Dane Myers

“Love, it’s the best marketing ever…”

Dane Meyers fell in love with music around the age of ten. By age 14, he was playing gig’s. An unconventional teacher, passion and a decision to veer off the path expected- led him to co-found Whole Hearted Productions.

Not your average founder Taylor Dane Meyers and Pam Hoelzle

I asked Dane to perform during our conversation, get ready to be entertained. He graciously agreed and that’s how the conversation begins.

During our time together Dane walks us through what it was like to grow up in love with music. He shares how music captured his soul and along the way weaves in stories on how he and his business partner started Whole Hearted Productions, why he veered off the Doctor path, how they landed their first client and why he believes love is the best marketing strategy ever.

As I sat with Dane I couldn’t help but feel as if I were listening to wisdom of an old soul, an old rock and roll, music loving soul. This episode will inspire any artist, young entrepreneur, anyone who believes business is a spiritual practice and love, well love is the best customer service plan ever.

WE Want to make music matter says Founder Taylor Dane Meyers

Dear Rockstar, I agree whole-heartedly with Taylor Dane, I believe inside you know what you most want to do, create- what you were born for. Build. Create. Make the art only you can!



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