Chandra Arthur, was fired from her job because of the app she was working on in her spare time, but that didn’t stop this smart, young, black business women in tech from launching Friendish, an app to help you find like minded friends.

Chandra created Friendish after returning home from living in Berlin, Germany for four years and feeling very alone and struggling to make friends. But her entrepreneurial journey began early in life, fueled by her mother’s resourcefulness,stick-to-it-ness and seemingly, magical ability to make the impossible-possible.

I was fired because of my startup, young, black woman in tech

Chandra explains how she discovered and launched her startup while living in Berlin Germany.

A non-technical, tech founder Chandra’s had her share of entrepreneurial angst. One of her tougher moments included losing the initial Friendish team. With grace and transparency she found herself waking up to this leadership gem, “If my team is falling apart… it’s a shortcoming of mine, not there’s.

And she reminds us, “Startups looks fun, but it’s really, really tough and that’s why it’s important to understand the importance of your network and  be honest and not to pretend that things are okay, when they aren’t.

Radical Candor, a work by Kim Scott is one of the tools Chandra attributes for her leadership wake up call. In addition to this book the two of us discuss love languages  and find ourselves agreeing there’s no way to lead a team nor love others if we don’t pay attention to others love languages.

Another witness to the truth that sometimes the best things others can do is fire, let you go or not renew your contract so you can be freed up to grow into your very best self, launch out on your own and surround yourself with amazing people who believe in you and your dream!

Entrepreneur inspiration for young entrepreneurs, startup founders, black women business own- ers and anyone whose ever fought hard to turn their dream into reality.


I was fired because of my startup
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I Was Fired Because Of My Startup