“I’m a creator, I have ideas… then I try to find the best medium to present them.  Once I figured out who I was and what I wanted to do…that has been the only thing in my whole life that I was really good at. There is no back up plan for me…”


It takes guts, courage and a lot of blood, sweat and tears to figure out who you are and be so willing to spend your life doing it, you’d panhandle to make it happen.

That’s Skip. Gritty, resilient and committed to being himself and figuring out how to finance just that, living a life true to what fulfills him.

Skip is a creator, a creator who comes up with big ideas and then figures out the best mediums to bring to them the world. But alas, I get ahead of myself. For all of Skip’s young life all he dreamed of was becoming a  professional saxophone player.

After earning a full music scholarship his dream he grew disheartened as teacher after teacher wanted him to play classical but his heart was set on jazz.

Panhandle For My Passions

As his journey of self discovery opened his old choices no longer suited him. First he stopped going to class, next he dropped out of college and sold his  saxophone all in an attempt to figure out who he really was and what he wanted out of life…now.

It wasn’t long before he committed to learning audio productions, dominoes began falling and soon he was performing and producing music for the first time in his life.

Gritty and resilient Skip shares his story of supporting himself for ten years by selling his cd’s on street corners and performing live.

“Sometimes I’d go into shop, bar, sprint into the bathroom, cry for10-15 minutes, pull myself together and remind myself, “I chose this, I have to get back out there and keep trying…””

I Will Panhandle For My Passions

At the urging of a friend Skip entered his spray paint and stencils  into an exhibit only to discover another medium to express himself on.

“If it’s me running full stop into a brick wall over and over and over again until I break through the wall I’m going to do that, broken bones and bloody or not. There is absolutely nothing you are going to put in front of me that I’m not going to go through.

Creator, artist, entrepreneur, Renaissance man, @skipsbigideas reminds us it’s one thing to be born, quite another to be our self and design economic engines which allow us to spend our time doing what matters to us and what brings meaning and fulfillment to our lives.

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I loved having the opportunity to shoot this season’s episodes at  The Gallery At Mills Park, a beautiful place to live in Orlando which is also home to an innovative gallery,  Art Gallery At Mills Park.



I Will Panhandle For My Passions
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