Inspire & Evoke Change Say’s Omar Khateeb

Your Life Is Your Art

Omar Khateeb, co-founder of P.S. Mister is a life long learner who takes notes in the shower and would tell his younger-self, “Just believe in yourself…regardless of your weirdness”

A converted starter, Omar and his business partner Adam recently launched their first product, the pocket square snap, the best tool to fold and hold your pocket square.

Enjoy the entire video conversation or listen to the audio embed below.

Omar Khateeb and his business partner Adam, the co-founders of P.S. Mister with Pam Hoelzle during a dear rockstar conversation

During our conversation Omar shared  his daily practices, what inspires him, a pivotal moment in his life, the books that have changed him and his goals and dreams for his new company.

Along the way he illustrates his life metaphor; life is art.

This episode is designed for all the artsy, quirky ones who sometimes wonder how to turn their passions into ventures. And for all the brainiacs who love to learn from interesting people. Omar, well this dude is interesting.

Inspire and evoke change says entrepreneur Omar Khateeb

Dear Rockstar embrace your funk, your awesomeness, the nerd within, artist flare…you hear me? Believe in yourself no matter how weird and know the world needs your weirdness now, channel that specialness into contribution and value and lets rock some lives!



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