“I’m an accidental entrepreneur.”

Jeanette Johnson is the fashion blogger behind J’s Everyday Fashion a blog followed by over 1.25 million readers annually.

Fashion blogger Jeanette Johnson talking to Dear Rockstar Pam Hoelzle

During our conversation Jeanette shares how J’s Everyday Fashion got started. Along the way we learn about her passion for affordable, (each outfit she shares is under $100) everyday fashion looks. We also learn about her soul’s work, her definition of success and a very personal revelation.

Jeanette shares her greatest challenge, a time she was bullied online for years. It’s a story that will cause you to pause and consider how we treat one another online.  Don’t miss her thoughts on fast fashion and her pursuit of the perfect intersection of faith, fashion and global responsibility.

Jeanette is passionate about what she does and why she does it. And word on the street is soon you will be able to get a book, authored by her very fashion forward, globally responsible and faithful self!

Fashion, Faith and Global Responsibility Jeanette Johnson

Dear Rockstar accidental or not your passions are indicators of what you were born to rock! What is the ideal intersection for you to live, create, add value and profit- in?



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