Leadership Wisdom: Been There, Grown & Exited Founder

Gregg Pollack is the founder of Envy Labs, Code School and Starter Studio in Orlando Florida. He’s started, failed, been acquired and been a catalyst to a thriving startup eco-system. During our conversation Gregg unleashes his passion for leadership and creating a work family. As a person whose been responsible for leading teams as large as 500- I was amazed by his wisdom and how profound his advice on leadership is.

In addition, Gregg shares what he learned in starting and failing, how he navigated the process of finding the ideal company to acquire his and what he’s learned working with hundreds of early stage startups.

Gregg is an amazingly humble young man for all the success he’s experienced. This episode is essential for early stage founders and even more important to founders who are looking to grow their team and create a powerful work-family culture.

Dear Rockstar- lead, lead with all diligence. Steward every chance you get to inspire and resource the people in your life and in your circle of influence.  Leadership it’s not a title, it’s a way of being.



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