Love, Logic & Faith Startup

“Life Is Really Hard”

David Pezzoli or Pezz as his friends call him is a serial entrepreneur, his first startup was a social ministry on the campus of UCF.  He and his business partner Matt Webb launched Shift Agent-a mobile web app for scheduling employees.

social ministry and now a tech company founder David Pezzoli talks to Pam Hoelzle at Dear Rockstar

A man of faith David shares what life is like as a social change maker who loves technology and startup. This episode is designed for creatives whose faith is strong and who are unwilling to be put into any one box. People who want to do good and do well. People who see business as a spiritual practice.

Dear Rockstar of course life is difficult and still it is wonderfully exhilarating also. Press into design meaning, purpose and fulfillment in whatever you create.



Love, logic and Startup with David Pezzoli
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