Forrest Hardy was born into a family of entrepreneurs, ones who lived through financial struggles in the pursuit of their passions. So when he began to brainstorm the idea of an easy way for more people to get involved in social good, he knew what he’d begun.

The entrepreneur’s journey isn’t always fast and it certainly isn’t always glamorous. Forrest has learned this first hand as he’s sought to develop an app as a “challenged millennial in apps.”

Forrest’s dream of a mobile app for social good was in incubation for over two years, two long years of learning and working hard to figure out what and how to fix the colossal problem he saw.   He knew his purpose—but it took time and careful attention to detail to determine the way to move forward.

millennial app founder talks social good, shot of behind the scenes at Dear Rockstar

Forrest’s journey with Snapgood reminds us, ideas are blooming daily Dear Rockstar—just because you don’t know how the puzzle pieces fit together, today- doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Forrest’s own query was answered when he took time to spend in mindful awareness. Birthing creative solutions and innovations involves being able to allow your mind to unwind Dear Rockstar, twisting yourself up into a tight ball of nerves won’t make your dreams come true any faster and may actually derail them.

In this episode we examine the self and how it interacts with the entrepreneurial journey, how confronting the self-doubt and naysayers can help us grow more solid in the values core to our foundation.

Although a young entrepreneur, Forrest morph’s wise soul when he encourages us not to internalize the negative.  And further explains how prioritizing self-growth and a positive mindset has helped him access clarity—despite the challenges around him.

And then he goes there, where we go. He takes us to nature and reminds us that this is the place we are each most likely to nurture our connection to our Source, and our Inspiration.

When asked to share his favorite book, Forrest recommended, Express Your Yes by Mary Hayes.

Millennial founds app company and recommends Express Your Yes by Mary Hayes

This is a story of long distance running and ways to keep moving when the world feels stacked against you. It’s been over 3 years since the Snapgood app idea was born and it is currently in beta-testing and preparing for launch. Forrest’s story is one that reminds us,“It’s not what you get, it’s your path.”

Millennial App Founder talks social good with Pam Hoelzle from Dear Rockstar
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