Millennial Wants To Innovate The Waste Industry

“Get Ready They’ll Attack You When You Succeed”

Jamison Gavin is the 20 something year old Founder of Premium Trash, a seven digit company he started with his wife.

In our conversation Jamison shares a life defining story. The story of being cut from his college soccer team because of his grades. And how this moment, the most depressing moment of his young life led him to his dream- playing professional soccer around the world.

With an honest transparency and calm wisdom Jamison takes us back to his breakdown. The breakdown which led to him quitting his job and starting Premium Trash.

Jamison Gavin Entrepreneur having a conversation with Pam Hoelzle of Dear Rockstar

Dear Rockstar it was difficult to hear such an amazing young man admit that once he succeeded he began getting attacked. It’s amazing to think a client would really say the things they said to him. And still it goes to remind us that some people are living in scarcity. The only way Jamison’s success can threaten anyone is if they somehow believe by him succeeding there’s less for them.

This episode is designed to inspire you to check your assumptions, to dream big and to remember when one door shuts look for the window. Often times when endings arrive we are being supernaturally guided elsewhere.

Dream Big. Dream Bigger and grab the hand of another and bring them along with you, world changer!



Young millennial entrepreneur reminds us people will attack you when you succeed
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