“The only restrictions we have are those we put on ourselves, because good things don’t come to those that wait-good things come to those that act.

Sam Tarell is a young poet, entrepreneur who challenges the status quo. The young entrepreneur founder of Hoop Brothers doesn’t believe in failure.

And further more, he believes success is experienced moment by moment. And each of us must find success on our own terms.

Raised by a single mom who owned her own business, Sam was inspired early to chart his own course . Growing up wasn’t always easy for Sam’s family.

Sam performed his poem,  Statistics for us. You can find it above in the ‘clip’ section.  In it Sam describes what it felt like to be a kid who was well loved and also experienced hunger and homelessness, growing up.

I felt myself tearing up as he described what it felt like to watch his family flounder, fall through the cracks and no one step up to help.

Young entrepreneur reminds us failure pushes us forward

One of Sam’s favorite books is  Rich Dad, Poor Dad you can find it here. 

Who says you can’t be a poet, an artist and anything else you want to be Dear Rockstar? Design a life you love, a life of passion, purpose, meaning and profit. And remember each and every person matters. Together we can make sure no child, no family ever feels like a statistic. Let’s commit to being the hands and feet of love in our communities, schools, cities and nations.



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