Mompreneur and Full Time Employee Shares Her ‘Both And’ Life

“Don’t Quit Your Job”

Candy Bell loves her both and life. She’s a full time employee and the founder of Naptural Virgo Products..

Candy is a passionate woman whose spirit envelopes you. During our conversation she shares how she took a year off her job to to launch her natural skin, haircare company. And how her son challenged her to go after her dream.

A single mom, Candy is an advocate of the ‘both and’ life. She has intentionally kept her full time job as a pharmacist and trainer and run’s her company on the side.

This episode is for everyone whose ever dreamed of living the both and life. Of keeping their job and starting something. It’s a story to inspire parents, and especially single parents to engage your children in your venture. Nothing, nothing can stop you as long as you don’t let it!

As a parent whose kids were raised for half of their lives in two different households I can attest to the challenges of single child raising. And that being said I can also attest to entrepreneurship being the tool to liberate a single parent to get free to show up at every game, and be as engaged as possible in their children’s lives. Can you see the life you want to create…let’s get busy. All things are possible to he and she who believe… ( and WORK)

I believe.

Dear Rockstar- remember all around you the world is conspiring to assist you in growing into all you were designed to become



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