Two of Orlando’s fiercest mompreneurs joined me for a discussion on why they chose to be entrepreneurs and how living their purpose feeds their family and their souls.

Wendy Davis is the founder of Poca’s Hottest, a line of all-natural hot-sauces. She made her leap from the restaurant world when she became a mother. She’d been playing around with her sauces for years, but suddenly at the thought of spending 80 hours a week away from her child she sensed it was time to get serious about her business. And so she set out to saucing.

Julie Wilder is a serial social entrepreneur who is currently operating “Front Porch Radio” and an Etsy shop selling her art. She recently exited her first venture and is all about community commerce, creating sovereignty in the work place, and maintaining creative freedom.

Mompreneurs commit to community and business

This episode is for women. Yep. For women who dream of owning their own business, starting something and for women who are entrepreneurs, change makers, artist and  it’s for mompreneurs.

You may not believe it, but a women starting her own company is disrupting power, as strange as it may seem.” Julie Wilder reminds us.

Let no glass ceiling limit your life possibilities. Let no one tell you what work needs to look like or act like. Refuse to accept others idea of what it means to be a mom and what sacrifice is necessary to support your loved one’s. You can have it all. You can. You can shatter the glass ceiling and make your own path as an entrepreneur who is committed to both and; quality time with your children and the opportunity to disrupt power and be your own boss.

Lady bosses unite. Mompreneurs be inspired.

This episode reminds us that our children are watching and the lives we design inform what they believe is possible for them. It reminds us it’s not an either or world – we can have both. We can be there for our children and design meaningful, profitable businesses. We can design ‘both and’ lives and businesses. Here’s to the parent entrepreneurs that refuse to choose either work or family and commit to a new way of being in the world!

These are women who have CHOSEN to be their own bosses and include their children in their entrepreneurial walk.

Both women have wild hearts with goals far more extensive than their own pocket books, DIY development styles, and creative problem solving tactics. We talk women in business, mompreneurship, designing a life, building team, finding a mentor and much more in this week’s episode.


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