Putting Money In The Hands Of 200,000 Artisans

“Money gives women a voice.”

Debbie Farah is the founder of Bajalia a ‘beyond’ fair trade whole sale, reseller of products created by woman artisans to drive economic development in places around the globe where it’s most difficult to be a woman.

Putting money in the hands of women, social entrepreneur Debbie Farah

In our conversation Debbie shares how she started her business, the trips  abroad that ‘ruined her’ and how little money (in the hands of women) it takes to change their lives in difficult parts of the world. A middle eastern woman, Debbie understands the culture where young girls marry by 14. She herself was offered a job and a marriage proposal around the same age-15.

And it was her job, that provided Debbie with the  confidence to follow her dreams and build a company to change women’s lives. Debbie is an ardent advocate for capitalism. She believes, “capitalism is the only thing that’s going to change anything,

I could have kept talking to this change maker long after dark. I was stunned by her thoughts around what she believes can and will eradicate global terrorism.  This episode was designed for the difference maker in all of us. Listen. Be inspired and make sure and check Bajalia out on HSN and over at Bajalia.

Dear Rockstar how might you be the hands and feet of social justice and capitalism? How might your business redefine what it means to succeed and create social impact, drive justice, inclusiveness and social mobility to those who are most vulnerable?



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