“Don’t go for stable, go for BIG. Think larger and know you are capable of doing it.”

After more than 20 years in corporate America, Gigi Moorman found herself running into brick wall barriers. She was told again and again that she was a valued part of the office setting and community, but that she was spending too much time on philanthropic endeavors and not enough time tending to the work of her job description.

She knew something was out of balance, so as her requests to be moved up in the company were met with silence, she did something incredible. She quit, she didn’t have a plan but she KNEW she wanted control of her destiny.

Go Big, stay intentional entrepreneur Gigi

“When I get pissed, I become brave.” Gigi explains that lack of recognition in a partnership provided her the inspiration to make her next move. She started organizing events with the specific goal of creating an environment for intentional networking to take place in the black community. And that’s how Raise Your Glass Promotions and Unity Network Mixers started.

This episode was meant for anyone who’s sensed a lack of meaning, purpose and fulfillment in their work. Meant for anyone whose sensed they were not tapping into their fullest potential. For leaders who hunger to create community and who have struggled to balance the personal, professional/

Gigi is an expert at connecting, at building community and living and being a woman who inspires others. It’s not easy to create space for diverse stories to be shared, for openness to permeate but this Dear Rockstar is leaning into the challenge of creating a community where people intentionally work to elevate, collaborate and build -each other up.

Gigi has come to terms with the fact that “It’s never going to be in balance” and how forgiveness for herself and others allows her to release the negativity and hurt created by rigidity. She explains how the guidance of others allowed her to identify her sweet spot and create an economic engine, business that allows her to show up her best self and profit as she contributes and serves others.

She is the  go–to realtor in Orlando for buying your house, finding your community, and finding a way to give back to those in need. Don’t miss this chat with Gigi Moorman, our Dear Rockstar of the week.

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