Our 60-year marriage & Business Partnership

How We’ve Stayed Together Over 6 Decades

In our conversation Jim and Racheal Shipley share the 11 fundamentals of their 60-year marriage and business partnership.

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After being asked time and time again, how they did it, stay married that is-for over 6 decades. The Shipley’s sat down to discuss the fundamentals which their marriage was based on.  On second glance it became clear to them, the same principles  responsible for the longevity and health of their union were also fundamental to their business partnership.

It’s not often you get the chance to glean wisdom from two energetic and full of life 91 and 86 year olds. Now, is your chance!

Jim and Rachael Shipley sharing the conversation, 11 fundamentals to our 60 year marriage

Of all of the principles the Shipley’s shared the one which went straight to my heart was, “If we don’t agree-we don’t do it.” All of the principles illuminate love, respect, trust and relationship but this one for me is at the core of all of them. If we can agree to put the relationship above any individual need one of us might have-we will create an enduring relationship. I loved this episode- enjoy!

And remember- it’s your time and it’s your turn. You can’t possibly be too young nor too old- you just are. So stop waiting and get out there and live full throttle!



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