Rising Out Of Poverty To Succeed

I can have it all and I can have it all now.

Nekeya Nunn, founder of The Labor Pro’s and I sat down for a conversation about rising out of poverty to build a six-digit venture. Nekeya’s story will inspire your soul. What I loved about this conversation was Nekeya’s powerful energy which filled up the entire location the minute she walked through the door. The woman is a spiritual force to be reckoned with. Her story is gritty and real and she lifts up the veil as she talks about being well loved, growing up in poverty and learning to transcend race and trust people who didn’t look like her.

Nekeya Nunn, black female entrepreneur gives us advice

Nekeya begins her story by winding us through what life as a little girl was like. She shares the story of her third grade teacher- the teacher who taught her love was love. The teacher she attributes to helping her trust people who didn’t look like her and build relationships which have allowed her to prosper.

During our conversation Nekeya shares the setbacks, heartbreaks and challenges she’s faced designing a life she is proud of. Starting a business is not easy but with passion, hard work and a commitment to serve employees and employers she’s making her mark on this world and creating a different life for her son.

Nekeya Nunn, founder of The Labor Pro’s is so real, so transparent, I can’t help but imagine she’ll inspire your soul the way she did mine. Yep, another #dearrockstar – rocking her life and rocking the lives of others…

Dear Rockstar nothing not even growing up in poverty can keep you from your dreams. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and immerse yourself in communities and in partnerships which will allow you to realize the greatness you were born to realize.



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