Seamstress, Tailor, Passionate Entrepreneur Bonnie Lewis

“I called 24 times.”

Bonnie Lewis is a mom, a wife and a life time seamstress, entrepreneur whose been apart of the Ralph Lauren Fashion work family for 15 years.

In our conversation Bonnie shares the story of how she got started in the fashion industry- she called 24 times…No kidding. And how she started two companies, remarried and shows up daily as Mom. Her latest venture is the Common Thread Sewing Company.

Seamstress, tailor, entrepreneur

Bonnie is an amazing story teller. She had me in stitches and then again near tears.

This episode is designed for anyone who loves to create, has dreamed of being in the fashion industry . And every woman whose dreamed of being mom, wife, creative soul and oh yeah..#bossgirl, #founder and #entrepreneur.

Remember Dear Rockstar some of us have been told no 24 times, have called 25 times, have tweaked and changed and been learning for years. You can do this. Now get back to rocking lives and dreaming BIG- the world is waiting for you!



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