The Serial Social Entrepreneur


Racism and inequality are products of design…they can be redesigned.”

“For years  I believed making the right decisions, doing the right thing, working for causes meant I’d be poor and struggling,” admits Christine Ortiz, serial social entrepreneur. Today this change maker no longer believes she has to choose between doing good and doing well. She’s a believer in BOTH AND. #dogooddowell.

This #dearrockstar mother, founder, Phd and change maker launched her first social venture in high school after being selected to work on then Governor of Florida, Lawton Chiles anti-tobacco campaign.  It was this experience and her subsequent businesses which helped her discover her life mantra, ‘my thing for now.’

Serial Social Entrepreneur Christine Oritiz

In this episode Christine share’s her most heartbreaking entrepreneurial moment, her advice to entrepreneurs, her belief there are ‘no suppose to’s’ issues she’s encountered with co-founders, how she views set backs and her response to investing a couple years on a venture only to let it go to pursue a new challenge; eradicating racial inequality.

Educator, visionary, social entrepreneur, mother, daughter, friend and so much more. An episode to inspire dreamers and change makers.

Click here to read Christine’ white paper on equity design over at Medium.

And follow Christine Oritiz  and her work at EquityxDesign 


Serial social entrepreneur
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