Jan Edwards describes herself as a businesswoman; she has extensive experience with Fortune 100 companies, media and growth. For many years this is how she was known. Then one day she was laid off from a job and things began to shift, there were 11 peacocks, there was a trip to Ethiopia and suddenly, Jan was introduced to her “sweet spot.”

A sweet spot is a place we venture where our passion and our skills meet up in an apex, where what we love and what we do become simultaneous. For Jan it was discovering the truth about human trafficking while on a trip to Africa and then returning home with greater perception and her mother-hen impulses stimulated.

She found that Florida has the 3rd most cited instances of human trafficking in the United States, and that the greatest challenge in it’s combat is awareness. Most of us aren’t even aware it’s happening right under our own noses. So Jan got to work, she researched, she interviewed, she wrote a docu-film on Human Trafficking,  Trapped In The Trade,  in a weekend and she set out to establish a social venture that is part for-profit and part NGO.

With her organization Paving the Way, she fights tirelessly to give children in modern slavery a voice and to combat the big business of Human Trafficking ( reportedly a $150B organized crime industry) and sex-trafficking.

This episode reminds us that  quitting is easy, staying silent is comfortable, but standing firm for others is a transformative act of destiny.

Education and inspiration from Jan Edwards,  UN National Council on Woman,  author,  speaker, mother, starter, change-maker and absolutely a #dearrockstar

Put this number in your phone …National Trafficking Hotline



She wants to end human trafficking, but right now she's doing a Facebook live
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