Doing things for recognition or doing things because YOU have to do it, YOU’RE the person…letting that go has been one of the biggest game changers for us.”


Who knew that when Julian Correa asked Doug Woodrow to create a logo for his then flyer based, 1 man moving business, the two would raise capital, surpass Ramen profitability and three years later find themselves co-founders expanding their college startup, Knightspeed Moving, to 4 cities?

Doug and Julian both started starting things-early. And they both attribute their entrepreneurial zeal and work ethic to their parents who are their role models.

Doug was 9 years old when he began helping his father, a business owner with IT. By the time he was 13 he was learning how to code and envisioning himself as a business owner.


We started our business in college doug and julian on set at Dear Rockstar

Julian on the other hand, began his startup career with a garden cleaning service which evolved to washing cars and ultimately led him to a pen re-purposing venture.

The young college startup partners share the high’s and low’s of their three year journey that has taken them from idea to launch to growing to 4 locations. Along the way we learn of their rock bottom personal moments and the business lessons that inform their success.

we started our moving company during college, Julian and Doug on set at Dear Rockstar with Ashley Marin doing makeup

When asked what they attribute their business success to Julian replied,

We didn’t focus on making money we focused on making the early users of our service really happy


Julian and Doug from Knightspeed moving on shoot at Dear Rockstar at Maya Papaya Organic Farm

Inspired by the opportunity to learn the game of business, to excel and impact the lives of others these two young entrepreneurs inspire us to stay true to our dreams, press through the tough moments and keep our focus on creating satisfied, maybe even ecstatic and loyal clients.

This episode includes entrepreneurial wisdom for business partners, co-founders, early stage ventures, college founders, business owners raising capital, dreamers who feel under resourced or inexperienced and for anyone whose ever struggled with self doubt and wondered if they have what it takes to realize their dreams.


we started our moving company in college, doug, julian and pam on set at Dear Rockstar
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We Started Our Moving Company In College