Stop Chasing the Investor & Get the Sale


Three years ago Ron Ben Zeev was 90 days away from closing his business. Today, World Housing Solution is a multi-million dollar company providing expeditionary solutions to the U.S. military.

In the height of the real estate market collapse Ron found himself looking for a new path forward. With the support of his wife and children he pivoted out of real estate development into consulting and launched World Housing Solution.

Stop Chasing The Investor Get The Sale

Inspired by plight of Haitians, homeless after the Haiti earthquake, Ron envisioned his product, a deployable housing solution as a social venture aimed at solving the refugee crisis. In the last six years over 44 million people annually experienced homelessness. (If you need a visual-  imagine all of Canada and the city of New York City without shelter)

As is true with most ventures, the customers Ron envisioned embracing his product didn’t end up being the clients who have turned World Housing Solution into a multi-7 digit company.

Stop chasing the investor get the sale

Ron shares how his company limped from contract to contract for years, each contract providing just enough financial fuel to stay open a bit longer.

Learn how an email and an  extreme act of generosity  catapulted Ron from 90 days away from going out of business to founder of a self-financed,  multi-million dollar company that is growing.

In this episode we discuss early stage startup, customer discovery, selling, mistakes in selling, common business mistakes, Ron’s advice to his younger self, the dark side of entrepreneurship, the lie of going it alone, and Ron digs deep into his years of experience to share his three best pieces of advice for business owners.

Ron Ben Zeev is a man of integrity,  a man who has been there and done it. An entrepreneur I am inspired from and whom I learn from every time I spend time with him.

Dive in, watch Ron Ben Zeev and learn #dearrockstar!


Stop chasing the investor and get the sale
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