“Entrepreneurship can be extremely lonely.”

Jesse Wolfe, Founder of Oh Dang Hummus not only got the sharks of Shark Tank to bite he launched his hummus salad dressings into Publix’s and Whole Foods. But not before nearly going broke, being rejected and nearly throwing the towel in.

Young Entrepreneur and Shark Tank Winner Jesse Wolfe Sits Down To Talk with Pam Hoelzle of Dear Rockstar

In our conversation Jesse share’s his story- the highs and low’s of starting a hummus company. As well as the lessons he learned in his earlier ventures. Along the way he spills wisdom about ego, rejection, loneliness and miracles.

I love this conversation because it illuminates what all of us know but sometimes forget. No one, not one of us get’s to where we want to go without first navigating tough, challenging and often soul searching moments and nearly broke moments. Jesse encourages all of us, to not go the journey alone. And he shares how his toughest moments have led to restoring ‘good faith,’ in  him. Yes, we all need something bigger than our lonesome’s to believe in- don’t we?

Dear Rockstar- don’t go it alone, surround yourself with people who believe in you and then get in community. Commit to give, commit to receive and watch yourself grow exponentially.



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