Kyle White is a  20 something year old, serial entrepreneur, lifeguard, and the co-founder of Yaupon Brothers, an organic, native grown, caffeinated,  antioxidant rich tea he and his brother harvest in and around New Symnra Beach.

Yaupon Brothers was founded by two young entrepreneurs, two brothers...

Staring at the young man I was being introduced to as I ordered a double espresso maichatto at Island Roasters, an organic coffee roaster in New Symnra Beach. I said, “I think I know you.

“Yeah, I’m the guy with the tea.” the young man replied as he brushed his hand through his lifeguard  streaked hair.

“Oh yeah, Yo, Yop, Yo.

“Yaupon” he laughed

And so went my re-introduction to Kyle White, young entrepreneur co-founder of Yaupon Brothers Tea.

Young Entrepreneur Launches Yaupon Tea Company

In our conversation Kyle shares, how he and his brother got started in entrepreneurship. And how their first gig led to another and now another. During our conversation Kyle shares how he and his brother grew their first Yaupon tea company too fast, to over 400 clients in a short amount of time. He shares the agony of having to close their business and living thru the death of his baby.

The Yaupon plant native to Florida, caffeinated and organic Yaupon Brothers Tea

Along the way he shares the mistake he and his brother made in raising capital and advice for other entrepreneurs looking to raise capital and bring in financial partners.

I absolutely love his take on fear, diving in and swallowing it. I swear that’s how you, live fully. Feel the fear and keep moving Dear Rockstar. You were born to ignite this world with value, creativity and innovation! Lead on



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Swallow Your Fear & Dive In: Kyle White Co-Founder Yaupon Brothers