Teacher, Blogger Now Serial Entrepreneur

Bess Auer began her career as a teacher, today she’s the founder of Florida Blog Con, and Co-Founder of Florida Swim Network and Your Swim Channel.

As an entrepreneurial teacher, Bess felt limited by education, she wanted more than to create another great lesson plan.  After finding blogging she noticed the satisfaction her new blogger friends had pursuing their life passion. It was then she realized “she didn’t have to be stuck in a job.

It took a while but hanging out with bloggers she soon found a problem to solve, there was no local blogging conference in Central Florida.  Bess along with the help of other central Florida bloogers went to work and the result was Florida Blog Con. Next up she launched Blog Talk T.V which led her deeper and deeper into the online streaming and media market.

During  our conversation she shares the moment that changed her life. And how she’s healed herself from her FOMO: fear of missing out.

Bess is an expert in transitioning from a job to your passion and she get’s new media. This episode is for anyone whose ever dreamed of breaking through the ceilings they or their current jobs have created for them.

Teacher turns blogger turns serial entrepreneur

Dear Rockstar, be inspired and keep rocking your life and the lives of others. One life. Let’s do this-!



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