“I put my foot down, I decided that I was worth more than doing things for free. That I’m gonna get paid for doing what I love.”

This conversation is extra special to me as I got to sit down with two brilliant young women I was fortunate enough to support early on in their startup journey, Jasmine Gabriella Yamini and Shakera Quince. I’m  excited to share these two young women’s stories as they are role model’s of highest goal living. I love how clear they are about their identities as creators, and founders. And it inspires me to no end to see them powerfully comfortable in their skin and owning their awesomeness and their dreams.

Not your average founder, Jasmine Gabriella from Earthy Creations, Reinvents herself and grows her business

We spiral into the topics of womanhood and the creative act of birthing a business and debunk the myth that “You need money to get started.” And we learn about their respective grandmothers and the formative role they each played in their granddaughters startup ventures.

These two are living testaments to the power of effective teamwork, imaginative reinvention and stone willed perseverance. This episode was designed to encourage and inspire anyone to design a life of meaning and profit based on who you are and what you love. Make sure and check out Earthy Creations and The Linen Project.

Not your average founder Shakera Quince launched the Linen Project and her own modeling career to reinvent herself
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Two Young Women Reinventing Their Reality