“Entrepreneurship Was Harder For Me Than Going To War…” Franz Valencia

For over 10 years Franz Valencia played the game of life clicking pause and play on his home life and a life at war in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Throughout the time, he knew he was destined for something more. He experienced the highs of pride draws of lows during his time of service in an army unit that was both the most deployed, decorated and with some of the highest rates of suicide. A veteran who completed multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan Franz’s experiences in the Sunni Triangle of Death inspired the birth of his company…Enerzen

Young entrepreneur, Franz Valencia, Veteran- shares his story

Upon his return he founded Enerzen, a wellbeing beverage based on serving the needs of the rigor of the battlefield. Tune in to this week’s episode of Dear Rockstar for a tale of perseverance and determination that separates entrepreneurs from wantapreneurs and for forces that drive the strongest of hearts forward into the unknown

This episode reminds me of what a true hero looks like. It also serves as inspiration for all of us to use our most challenging life moments to lead us to our highest calling.

I absolutely loved learning about Franz’s time in the service and how he’s using that experience to change lives with Enerzen!



Veteran, young entrepreneur quote about the difference between entrepreneurship and war
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