Sisuandra Lewis rose to stardom as a finalist on season six of NBC’s ‘The Voice.’ But her journey, her journey to center stage began as the 8th child born to a sharecropper.

I found my voice in those fields and I used my voice to find joy.

Self taught, Sisaundra perfected her gift in the fields. She attributes the hard work of  migrant working for her success. But it was her parent’s faith, her father’s role as a Bishop and the families commitment to God and community which provided the nourishment for her dreams.

The Voice Finalist Steps Center Stage

Sisaundra began dreaming of center stage at the tender age of 5. Watch as she reveals the twists and turns which led her from singing in her father’s church to  working with Paebo Bryson and to 5 World Tours with Celine Dion.

After taking a hiatus from a 10-year stint in Cirque De Soleil’s, La Nouba, Sisaundra’s children challenged her. They challenged her to tryout for NBC’s ‘The Voice.’ They refused to let her give up on her dream.

As Sisaundra share’s her experience as a finalist on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ it is evident she loves what she does, learns from everyone and believes each of us is here… to find our voice.

Inspired by this concept she teamed up with friend, mentor Vernice Atkins Bradley to pilot an initiative with Orange County Public Schools, called Find Your Voice.  A program to provide young girls with mentorship and leadership development.

The Voice Finalist Steps Centerstage

This Dear Rockstar episode is for anyone whose dreamed of doing something bigger than themselves, for anyone who dares to believe their past does not equal their future.

And don’t miss the live performance by Sisaundra at the end of her Dear Rockstar conversation.


Sisaundra Lewis performs live on set at Dear Rockstar
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‘The Voice’ Finalist Steps Center Stage